There's times when one should not clown around; in church, airport security and as ex NFL player, Chad Johnson found out, not in court. Johnson was in court charged with violating his probation. His attorney had a plea agreement in place that would have avoided jail time, until Johnson used an on-field move that upset the judge. Click to check out the video.

The judge was explaining the details of the plea agreement that would have extended Johnson's probation until the end of the year but kept him out of jail. She said you have "an excellent attorney," prompting Johnson to reach over and give his legal counsel the rear end high-five. The entire courtroom, bailiffs included, laughed.  Following a lecture from the judge, Johnson was taken away in cuffs to spend 30 days in the can.

Johnson seemed unfazed by the sentencing, tweeting see you in 30.

Love me through the good and the bad because I'm gone love you regardless... See you in 30...