Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without the turkey. But what about the side dishes?

We asked what your favorite side dish was and it was a tight race for the top spot in central New York. The #1 Thanksgiving side dish on central New York tables is mashed potatoes. Stuffing came in at a close second and most agree, it tastes better coming out of the bird, but there never seems to be enough.

The top Thanksgiving side dishes are no surprise but what came in third for central New Yorker's is less common; wine, lots and lots of wine. I don't know if that counts as a 'side dish' but it may have something to do with the best way to deal with your family or keeping warm during a CNY Winter.

Sweet potatoes and green bean casserole are also a central New York favorite, but neither ranked as high as the stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Coming in last was the cranberry sauce, that didn't get much love. I'm the only one who eats in our house and it MUST be fresh, not from a can.

Whatever side dish adorns your table, may it be surrounded by family and friends this Thanksgiving.


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