When paying at the grocery store, you're often reminded to check the bottom of the cart for items you may have forgotten. One Central New York woman thinks you may want to check the bottom of the cart even sooner. You won't believe what she found.

Laura Walitsky was shopping with her daughter at Wegmans in Pittsford (near Rochester.) After selecting some produce when her daughter noticed the bottom of the cart contained a snake.

Being a "cool-headed" Mom, Laura simply took the cart outside while sending her daughter to the Customer Service counter to inform store management. No one is sure where the snake came from, was it already on the cart when she grabbed it or was it from inside the store.

Read more on the story at Upstate New York's website. How would you react?  As cool as Laura or would you be more like me, running out of the store, screaming at the top of your lungs?


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