The November heat is setting records all over central New York.

Monday, November 9th, Utica beat an 82 year record of 74 degrees set back in 1938, according to WKTV.

Syracuse reached 77 degrees Monday, topping the previous record of 74 set back in 1931, according to the National Weather Service.

Binghamton saw record setting weather as well, reaching 71 degrees. The old record was 66 that Binghamton enjoyed twice, once in 1975 and again in 2009.

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The unseasonably warm weather continues for one more day with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s once again in central New York. The National Weather Service says rain is expected on Veteran's Day but it'll remain mild with temps in the upper 60s.

Things will change Thursday when a cold front moves into the area, with highs only reaching the 50s.

Enjoy the unseasonably warm weather while it lasts. Winter is on the way and according to the Farmer's Almanac, central New York can expect a cold, wet winter with a possible blizzard dumping 2 feet of snow in early February.

On the other hand, the Weather Channel predicts a cold Christmas but a snowy, mild winter.

Either way, we will get snow. It is central New York after all. And the more the merrier for a number of businesses that rely on the snow for winter tourism.

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