Although Memorial Day celebrations may look a little different this year because of restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic, employees at central New York Lowe's locations are showing their appreciation in a special way.

Ron Weyant

The Lowe's location in Rome set out a memorial in their parking lot, reserving a parking spot in honor of fallen military members. The spot was decorated with a large American flag at half-mast, smaller flags, flowers, and painted rocks inscripted with the names of the following local heroes:

  • CPL Sigsbee (Army)
  • LCPL Lasher (Marines)
  • LCPL Geary (Marines)
  • SGT Simpson (Army)
  • PFC Huxley Jr. (Army)
  • SGT Uvanni (Army)
  • CAPT Wood (Army)
  • LCPL Oleski (Marines)
  • SGT Parker (Marines)
  • SPC Thompson (Army)
  • POI Mazur (Navy)
Ron Weyant
Ron Weyant

Ron Weyant, the service manager at Lowe's and former Senior Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, shared photos of the location's memorial on Facebook.

The Lowe's in Utica also reserved a parking spot in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, lining the spot with lines of red, white and blue.

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TSM, Beth Coombs

According to, out of the more than 63,400 New Yorkers killed in the line of duty from World War I to now, 2,660 were from counties in central New York. Read about more of our fallen central New York heroes in our 2020 salute.

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