Central New York has an All Points Bulletin for the Spotted Lanternfly. You may recall, the insect was found for the 1st time in New York late last year. It's been a huge problem in Pennsylvania and has the Department of Environmental  Conservation concerned for many Central New York apple and hops growers as well as maple producers.

The DEC is so concerned they have created the Lanternfly's own web page. It can only fly short distances, the bug travels by stowing away in interstate shipments and attaching or laying eggs on personal vehicles, firewood, stones, and patio furniture. With Pennsylvania reporting an infestation, you should check the vehicle your traveling in for eggs or young insects.

The pictures below show what to look for on your vehicle or on your property and the signs of damage. The adults don't emerge until July, so currently be on the outlook for the eggs or young insects. Report any findings and share photos via email: spottedlanternfly@dec.ny.gov. You can read more about the pest in the DEC's Fact Sheet.



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