A central New York business owner is warning others after receiving a recent text scam.

Courtney Kraeger of Awaken Life Coaching & Bodywork in Port Leyden says someone tried to hire her through a text. "The person was trying to get me to do a coaching course with his family and he knew quite a bit about my business."

Photo Credit - Courtney Kraeger

What began as a simple text exchange to set up the course, quickly turned strange. The person claimed he was in the hospital and wanted to set up the appointment for his family as a surprise.

Photo Credit - Courtney Kraeger

Kraeger didn't get suspicious until it came time to talk payment.  "He wouldn't tell me any important information that I needed for contract or billing purposes."

When Kraeger got a text on how to pay, she knew something wasn't right. "He was asking me to charge him more so I could wire the extra money to a Limo Service for him."

Luckily Kraeger didn't fall for the scam but she wants to warn others. "There are people out there trying to scam you through your text messages and getting basic information about your business right from the internet. Spread the news to help protect other small business owners."

Ironically, I had the same thing happen to me when someone wanted to buy Scentsy. They sent texts with details on what they wanted to order and how to get the payment. They even claimed to be in the hospital too. I was suspicious like Kraeger and didn't do anything until I saw if the checked cleared.

SURPRISE! It bounced.


If anyone offers to send MORE than what their bill is worth, asking you to send back the balance, be warned....IT'S A SCAM!