Like father, like son, they say. Jake Cotten from Unadilla knows it for a fact. Meet his 4-yea-old son, Rustyn who not only straps on the guitar for a performance of Merle Haggard's "Workin Man Blues," but includes a light show too.

Rustyn's dad, Jake plays bass with the Rylee Lum band (they're cousins) so the youngster has not only seen more concerts than most his age, he's been on stage more frequently. In fact, Rustyn is so comfortable performing, Dad says he even sings up front and center for his preschool class.

This particular performance proves how absorbent young minds can be, without his parents realizing it, Rustyn retrieved the Christmas lights from the storage closet and set them up. Unfortunately, before the show is completed, he caught dad capturing it with his phone. He says, "Dad can you please keep your phone to yourself," and walks off.

We couldn't agree more Rustyn, Dad should know better. There's no recording or videotaping allowed at concerts.

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