Seriously, the CDC doesn't want you to enjoy the holiday seasons. The biggest myth of the season is back- Cookie Dough. Well, is it a myth?

WKTV is reporting that healthcare experts want you to say no to raw cookie dough.

The Centers for Disease Control is using this holiday season to remind bakers that eating or tasting unbaked products can make you sick. Flour and raw eggs especially can contain bacteria and salmonella, respectively. So as much as you may want to sneak a taste, it's better for your health to wait until the treats are fully cooked."

So, wheres the facts of people getting sick?

Well, the USA Today did report on that back in 2016, The CDC reported on an outbreak of E. coli infections linked to raw flour sickened 63 people. About 450 people die every year in the U.S. related to salmonella infections.

So how can you live your best life? Eat safe cookie dough.

Commercially sold cookie dough advertised to eat without baking is fine, as the products don't contain raw eggs and many are made with heat-treated flour."

So you do you this holiday season. You can roll the dice, maybe get sick, or steal a taste.

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