Gloriana brothers, Mike and Tom Gossin will soon be back in Upstate New York.  The guys ride back near home for AmeriCU's Salute To The Troops Concert at Fort Drum this Wednesday night (6/25).  We caught up with the New Hartford brothers just before a show in Cincinnati.  Gloriana's summer is a busy one, Mike and Tom say they are juggling double duty as the opening act for Rascal Flatts' "Rewind" tour and their own dates.

Judy Cowden from AmeriCU says they're expecting 25 to 30- thousand people for the concert that is part of the annual Mountainfest celebration.  Hard to believe the Gossins' and Rachel Reinhart have been performing together for nearly seven years.  Tom says honoring the troops has been part of their show from day one.

Gloriana's new single, 'Best Night Ever' looks to be their 4th Top 40 hit from their upcoming album, to be released later this year.  Tom says they haven't planned a video yet, but it may have some standard things in it.

Mike and Tom say it will be a family and friend reunion at the show.  They head back to the Rascal Flatts tour in Mississippi this weekend so they won't get to spend anytime at home.  Mom, friends and other family members will be headed to the show, something they've been doing for years.

Karl Hungus

Judy says the show is free and open to the public, just be sure and bring identification.

The show starts at 6 p.m. this Wednesday night.