Think you have what it takes to catch a killer? A city wide murder mystery game is coming to Syracuse.

The outdoor detective adventure turns cities across the country into giant games of Clue and it’s coming to Syracuse, on Saturday May 29th. Teams of detectives scramble around town, solving clues to crack the case. Mysteries unfold virtually in the CluedUpp app and the game is self-guided.

CluedUpp Detective Days are described as giant, outdoor escape games, where clue-solving meets adventure. "It's the most exciting murder-mystery you'll ever attend."

The Case

It seems a new Ripper is on the loose and three men have already been murdered. Can your team of detectives solve the clues and crack the case before The Ripper strikes again?

The Details

What: A city-wide murder-mystery game
Start Time: Start anytime between 9am and 2pm
Start Location: Secret start location to be revealed
Players: One ticket covers a team of 6 and costs $51

How to Play

Grab 1 ticket per team of six players
Scramble across town and interrogate virtual witnesses
Crack clues, solve puzzles and complete challenges
Unravel the mystery, save the town and take the glory


There are prizes in several categories:
Fastest team
Best fancy dress (detective inspired)
Best team picture
Best team name
Best young detective (under 16's prize)
Best K-9 (dogs prize)

Think you have what it takes to catch a killer in Syracuse? Get your team. Grab your tickets and get ready to crack the case on Saturday, May 29th.

Cluedupp has murder mystery games around the country, including several in New York state. Find a game in your area at

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