Don't expect to see Carson Daly return to Rome, New York anytime soon. The Voice host was at Woodstock 99, a weekend he won't soon forget and one that has left him avoiding another visit.

Daly was at Woodstock 99, working for MTV at the time. He's been getting a lot of questions since the Netflix special was released, showing the chaos of the weekend and a time Daly said he thought he "was going to die."

The last day started great with Daly interviewing all the bands. "Then I started getting pelted with bottles, rocks, lighters, all of it. It got insane, fast," Daly shared on Instagram.

Credit - Carson Daly Instagram/Netflix
Credit - Carson Daly Instagram/Netflix

Military Conflict

As the day went on, things got worse. By nightfall, Daly said the "prisoners were officially running the prison" and all the MTV staff was told to leave because their safety was in jeopardy. Daly recalls the production van he was in driving through corn fields to get to safety. "I just remember feeling like I was in another country during military conflict."

Although Daly has many great memories from the 90s, Woodstock was not one of them and he or his family won't be returning to Rome.

Needless to say, I haven’t taken the fam back to Rome, NY for a vacation.

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99 is a 3 part series on Netflix that shows the three days of 'rage, riots and real harm' that occurred at the festival held on the Griffis Airforce Base in Rome.

You can watch the docuseries on Netflix.

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