Carrie Underwood finally shared a picture of her son Isaiah and it was worth the wait. She posted on Instagram the adorable photo of the sleeping baby, complete with hockey stick and crocheted ice skates. Is there a future hockey player in the family? "The Predators are in the playoffs! Just waiting to get called up! #PutMeInCoach," Underwood tweeted.

Daddy, Mike Fisher is gearing up for the playoffs that begin April 15th.

Isaiah was born February 27th and the happy parents shared the news on social media with only a picture of his hands and the side of his face. Its nice to see the beautiful bundle of joy.

Underwood also shared how she celebrated her birthday on March 10th, just days after the birth of her son. "My 1st present = late night date with a tiny semi-bald chubby dude who likes to grunt & cry & pass gas!"


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