Heads up Carrie Underwood fans. She will be in Albany at Times Union Center on Thursday October 27th. If you see some great ticket deals online for the show, be sure it isn't a scam.

Listener Jennifer Moody wrote to us to explain how she got robbed out of a lot of cash for tickets to the show:

My son in law purchased Carrie Underwood tickets for his wife for her Birthday in May from seat geek. They were front row tickets. The cost being close to $400. She was ecstatic as she has followed Carrie since her try outs on American Idol. The one person she has always wanted to see. The concert is next Thursday October 27th in Albany. My son in law received an email yesterday that the company seat geek no longer exists. Heartbroken, he had to break the news to his wife."

The site in question was called Seat Geek. The website is similar to StubHub, which allows users to sell tickets. The site appears legit, however, whoever was selling these Carrie Underwood tickets on the site was a fraud.

Be careful while shopping online for concert tickets. There are tons of fakes for every true seller out there.

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