While we uncovered the stories of Starr Hill, and the Starr Hill rocking chair, many thought we were talking about the Carmichael Hill Cemetery rocking chair. Are both stories the same?

Often times Central New Yorker's tie these stories together, including yours truly. However, this rocking chair's story is pretty well known. Carmichael Hill Cemetery is located in in Westernville. Many who are buried there have died from the 1900's and to the late 90's.

So whats the story behind the chair? Rumor has it that the every 3rd person who sits in the chair, will die not long after. Mike Kohli of Rome shares with us that people who told this tale to Romans always "knew someone who knew someone" who sat in the chair and died.

I went up there one night with a bunch of my buddies in high school (so 30 years ago) to give it a go. As soon as we pulled in, a big pickup truck rolled up on us with high beams glaring. We didn't see anybody behind the wheel but I'm sure it's b/c of the high beams. We were chased out of there and never went back."

Many report that the caretakers of the cemetery often remove the chair, due to the number of trespassers and people exploring the grounds. We would advise you not to trespass on this property after the allowed hours. Rumor also has it that the caretaker removes the chair and brings it back just for holidays. You may find it on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and near Halloween.

Many claim to have "captured" sound of the chair:

Many often blend this story together with the Starr Hill stories. Have you ever seen this chair? Have you sat in it before?




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