The doors may be closed at the Capitol Arts Complex in Rome due to Coronavirus, but hasn't stopped the staff from reaching out and pulling the art community together.

The Capitol Arts Complex has found many new ways to reach out during our period of social distancing.

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1) Virtual Screening Rooms

In response to being closed, Cinema Capitol has opened "Virtual Screening Rooms" which you can "buy a ticket to" anytime day or night. Each screening room features a different film, with three different films being offered at a time.

Jon Matwijec-Walda Cinema Capitol Manager explains:

“We chose to offer three films at a time in symbolic representation of our three different "screens".

So, whenever you might find yourself in the mood to watch a film, check it out ONLINE.


2) The Artist Support Newsletter

The Artist Support Newsletter is a list for programs that individual artists can apply to for financial help or other assistance. It features descriptions of the programs, along with a link to the funder website. The newsletter will comes weekly on Thursdays


3) Local Poems

For National Poets Month, the Capitol has invited local poets to submit their contributions for a page on their website to feature local poets and poetry.


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