No one should go without food. A new restaurant in New York is offering meals for everyone, even if they can't pay the bill.

The Big Big Table is a community cafe in Buffalo where everybody eats, everybody gives because everybody matters The pay-what-you-can restaurant is focused on addressing the hunger issue in Western New York while reducing food waste and building up the community.

Our mission is to provide a dignified response to hunger in our community, providing Buffalo and Western New York with accessible, affordable, nutritious, and delicious lunches. With pay-as-you-can pricing and a significant volunteer component in day-to-day operations, everyone is given a chance to earn what they need by giving what they can.

Customers can eat and then pay off their meal by washing dishes, cleaning tables, donating food, or helping out in the kitchen. The menu includes suggested donation prices. Some pay more. Some pay less.

Mandy Bailey is the brains behind the Big Big Table. She came up with the idea after working for a huge food company in Buffalo. "While working there, I saw a lot of food being thrown away, and a lot of people – even employees – being refused food," said Bailey. "This broke my heart. I quit, and started to think about what I am actually supposed to be doing with my life."

What Bailey is doing now is making sure everyone has food with her Community Cafe, which is part of One World Everybody Eats, a network of 60+ organizations all over the country. This is the first pay what you can restaurant in New York State that is staffed mostly by volunteers and works with local farmers to provide nutritious meals for the community.

The Big Big Table is located at 272 Hudson Street in Buffalo, New York. Learn more at

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