If you frequent the Erie Canal Bike Path in Utica, watch out for a gang of teenagers attacking individuals on the trail. 

The part of the trail in question is between Aqua Vinos and Barnes Ave. Scott Suba warned on Facebook first about a group of teens causing trouble in the area:

Just a warning to any of my friends who bike, run or walk on the Erie canal bike path in Utica. Do not run or bike between Aqua Vino restaurant and Barnes Ave. I was a witness to not one but two people getting beaten by a gang of teenagers in broad daylight. On top of the homeless group down there, the group travels on bikes. A group of 15, and was randomly beating people up on the section near the harbor lock. I only got past the group by knowing to detour way up on the hill. My choice is too avoid that section at all costs since it is not safe."

Scott reached out to Utica Police and to the Utica Mayors office. Since then, WIBX is reporting on another incident that took place in the exact same region near the Utica sign:

Police say the victim reported that he was walking on the trail when he was surrounded by several young men ranging in age from their early teens to early 20’s.


The victim was struck several times and knocked to the ground.  While the victim was on the ground, one or more of the suspects went through his pockets, but police say nothing was stolen."

UPD is increasing its patrols along the Erie Canal Trail. They've included assigned bike patrols in an effort to deter criminal activity in this area. They are also trying to address complaints of homeless people camping in the area.

If you see anything suspicious in this area, please contact UPD as soon as possible.




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