We've seen the photos and reports all summer long, the 1,000 Islands region looks like it's under water and tourism is all but shut down. But is that entirely true? Nope.

The 1,000 Islands tourism is not shut down for the summer at all. In fact, Visit1000islands.com had become so 'flooded' with questions about the area that they created a page on their website dedicated to squashing rumors that the whole area is under water.

Here's what they had to say about the 6 most common questions they are getting about the high water.

1. Is anybody actually boating?

Yes. They say some boaters are having trouble because their docks were built too low, but the public boat launches and boat tours are still open and running.

2. How's the fishing?

Great! It looks like the bass and northern pike are ready to eat some worms. They also say the high water may have created new spots to fish.

3. Are the marinas open?

Most of the marinas are open, and at least one spot in each town has gas available to boaters.

4. Are the campgrounds open?

The majority of campgrounds and campsites were untouched by the water. Bring your tent and enjoy!

5. Are the beaches open?

Beaches at Wellesley Island and Grass Point are still open.

6. Can you still tour the castles?

Yes. Boldt Castle and Singer Castle are open and accessible. The power house and Yacht house at Boldt are closed for now but the main castle is still beautiful and still open.

So if you wanted to head up to the 1,000 Islands this summer but were nervous about the high water, no need to worry.

Don't forget your sunscreen! Oh and don't miss Uncle Sam's Boat tour.

You can find more information and plan your trip at Visit1000islands.com.



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