You're locked in an old, creepy estate and have one hour to escape. Search for clues and solve the puzzles to find the way out or be locked in forever. It's not the sequel to National Treasure or The Da Vinci Code. It's Escape the Estate, a new adventure at Frightmare Farms in Fulton, New York that will leave you talking about it for days.

Tad and I grabbed a few co-workers to try and Escape the Estate. After making it out with 4 minutes to spare and LOTS of help from the staff, I realized we should have invited Tom Hanks or Nicholas Cage to help.


A flighty real estate agent escorts you into the mansion to show the property. As you enter, she disappears, the doors close, and you're locked in. The clock starts ticking and the hunt for your first clue begins. One clue leads to the next, taking you though bookcases, doors, walls and hidden passages. But it's not as easy as it sounds.

Our group managed to work well in the first room, with everyone helping solve several clues to open locks and move to the next room.The second room was a little tougher. We may still be trapped there if it weren't for a little staff help.

The chaos begins as the clock gets closer to zero and your escape is within reach. Luckily we calmed down, put our heads together and managed to solve all the clues in the final room, we think.

Nicole Ginsburg is the Escape the Estate puzzle master and the brains behind the operation. She says Escape Rooms games began in Japan and have quickly become popular in the U.S over the past several years. However, the closest rooms were in New York City or Niagara Falls, "so I spent 36 hours in the Big Apple, experiencing as many Escape Rooms as I could, gathering ideas." Haunted house designed Andrew DeRuiter was then brought in to turn her idea into reality along with several actors who make Escape the Estate so successful.

After opening a few weeks ago Ginsburg says they sold-out in 48 hours. Plans are in the works to expand to Syracuse. "We see the need for a new one and are prepared to open another in the next few months."

We managed to Escape the Estate (barely), despite overthinking EVERYTHING. Could you? Even if you can't, you won't be able to stop talking about it for days.


We can't wait for the new Escape Room to open. Our group is raring to go.

Reservations Required

Reservation must be made in advance. Get tickets for $25 or email to inquire about availability, which is limited through November. More details can be found at


Escape the Escape is location at Frightmare Farms. Get directions at Google maps. From Utica, take the thruway to 481. Take 264 off 481 to 49. Turn right and it's on your left.

4816 County Route 49
Fulton, New York

Google Maps

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