All Jordan wants for Christmas this year is a new kidney for her uncle Joe who is dying.

The 8 year-old Camden is too young to give uncle Joe her kidney, so she turned to Santa for help. "My uncle Joe is dying. His kidneys are not working. This Christmas I want my uncle Joe to have a kidney."

Photo Credit - Amanda DeLong

Uncle Joe is Joseph Benedict, retired Sylvan Beach Village Administrator, who was diagnosed with end stage renal disease a year ago. He is doing dialysis at home but Jordan's mom Amanda says "he doesn’t have much to look forward to without a kidney transplant."

Photo Credit - Amanda DeLong

Benedict is a U.S. Air Force Military Police vet who was once very active. "He barely has enough energy now to check the mail," says Amanda.

"When I posted the letter, I was looking for help on what to do with it," says Amanda. "Do I have one sent to her from Santa Clause?"

Help came. But it came from friends, family and even strangers offering to see if their kidneys matched. You can see if you're a candidate by filling out an organ form online at

A kidney match for uncle Joe hasn't been found yet, but Amanda says they are still hoping for a Christmas miracle. "This absolutely breaks my heart but at the same time makes her father and I as well as our family proud of the little lady she is becoming."

Photo Credit -Amanda DeLong