With it being Easter Sunday and time for the Easter Bunny, here's a look at my pick of the top 5 all time bunnies.  Ordinarily Bugs Bunny would have to be the top of any rabbit list, but with it being Easter I think it's safe to say Bugs would bow to Peter Cottontail.Peter Cottontail dates back to the early 1900's when an author of children's books  named, Thornton Burgess first introduced him in a work called "Old Mother West Wind."  This is a cartoon short from the 50's featuring Peter Cottontail.

Peter Rabbit created by Beatrix Potter dates back even farther to the late 1890's and was originally written to cheer up a sick child.

Bugs Bunny came along in the late 30's as a tormentor of Elmer Fudd and made his first full length debut in 1940's "A Wild Hare."

Thumper came along in Disney's Bambi movie, teaching the young fawn many tricks including how to speak.  Oddly enough Thumper has a Beatrix Potter connection too.  He was based on her "Benjamin Bunny."

Lots of rabbit could fill in the final slot for the Top 5 Bunnies, but I have decided on a silly rabbit for the finale',  The Trix Rabbit.   He's no young rabbit either, actually debuting in a 1959 TV commercial.  You probably know the familiar slogan, "silly rabbit Trix are for kids."  On two occasions the rabbit has gotten the Trix.  In 1976 and 1990 people could vote by mailing in box tops of the cereal to "let the rabbit eat Trix."  He was an overwhelming winner both times.

So what do rabbits have to do with Easter?  Get the answer to that and other things you don't know about Easter here.

I'm sure there are lots of other rabbits and bunnies out there.  Who would you add to the list?