Police have arrested and charged the woman responsible for driving through a police barricade and hitting three officers during a protest Monday night in Buffalo.

In a press release, New York State Police said they arrested 30-year-old Deyanna Davis after she was released from Erie County Medical Center for a gunshot wound. Davis was charged with aggravated assault upon a police officer, two counts of second degree assault, second degree possession of a criminal weapon and fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property for a total of five felonies. She was taken to Central Booking in Buffalo and will be arraigned on Wednesday.

There were also two male passengers in Davis' car at the time of the incident. According to WIBV, 25-year-old Semaj Pigram and 28-year-old Walter Stewart Jr. were each arraigned for criminal possession of a weapon and criminal posession of stolen property.

During a protest in Buffalo around 10 p.m. Monday night, Davis drove a 2002 Ford Explorer through a police barricade on Bailey Avenue, striking and injuring a 17-year New York State Police veteran, Trooper Randall Shenefiel and a Buffalo Police Officer. She also ran over and seriously injured Trooper Ronald Ensminger Jr., a 19-year veteran of the New York State Police, who suffered a shattered pelvis and broken leg.

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During the incident, New York State Troopers fired shots at the vehicle, and two of the suspects, including Davis, suffered gunshot wounds and were treated at Erie County Medical Center.

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