One Buffalo native just got a special surprise, all thanks to his heroic efforts.

Buffalo is known for its football, chicken wings, and the enormous amount of snow it gets every year. But now it's known for something even bigger than that... humanity.

Credit - Millennium Construction
Credit - Millennium Construction

Meet Jay Withey

Many people remember when Buffalo got absolutely covered in snow during Christmas weekend. They were buried in nearly 51 inches of snow, killing at least 31 people and leaving thousands trapped inside their homes.

There were also those who got stuck on the road. Jay was one of them. He and a number of other people were stranded in their vehicles, out of fuel and stuck in the freezing cold temperatures.

In order to survive and save the 24 people he was with, Jay broke into Pine Hill School and brought everyone inside. He even left a note apologizing for breaking in, but stating it was for a good cause.

The Cheektowaga Police Department then sent out a post, trying to find Jay and thank him for his heroics. The school wasn't mad about the break in. They were grateful their building could be used to save those in need. Especially since they all left the place the way they found it.

The post has since gone viral and they were able to identify Jay. The Police Department was even able to get a picture the group took the night of the storm.

A BIG Thank You

To commend Jay for his selfless act and heroism, the Buffalo Bills decided to surprise him with an unforgettable gift.

That's two tickets to Super Bowl LVII in Arizona, hand delivered by former Bill, Thurman Thomas and his wife Patti Thomas.

So thanks to the Buffalo Bills and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York, Jay is now off to Arizona on February 12th. And even better, he will forever be known as a hero to all.

Maybe he'll be able to see the Bills play in Arizona. The team looks great after their last win. Take a look at some of the game-day pictures for yourself.

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