A baby is on the way for former 'American Idol' singer Bucky Covington.

Covington and his fiancée, publicist Katherine Cook, have excitedly announced they are expecting their first child this fall.

"We are so excited to share this news with friends and family! Expecting a child really puts things into perspective," the singer shares. "I hope the baby gets my legs, and her patience! Haha!"

Baby was a really big surprise for the 'Good Guys' hitmaker, who says that he found out what a pregnancy test was in the same moment he found out he'd be a dad!

“Katherine came and threw a pregnancy test in front of me -- three of them actually -- and they all said the same thing. The only problem was I didn’t know what they were! I was like, ‘What is this? Are you okay?’” Covington tells People. “So she told me and I got so excited!"

The 36-year-old reality show alum and his 30-year-old wife-to-be are probably not going to be waiting to find out the sex of their baby. In fact, they're practically brimming with eagerness to learn whether their firstborn will be a girl or boy.

“I want to know right now! I want to say ‘he’ or ‘she’ -- I hate saying ‘it,’” explains Covington.

Of course, along with the excitement comes a little bit of nerves -- the country singer wouldn't exactly call himself "comfortable" with newborns. In fact, he admits that he "freaks out" when asked to hold babies in meet and greet lines.

"They're so fragile!" he shares.

So, Covington is getting a little parenting help, but not from a know-how parenting book. "I’ve been watching a bunch of episodes of Modern Family and they seem to help a lot," he says. "I’m definitely going to be a fun dad, but there’s going to be boundaries.”

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