Brett Young isn't taking any risks after returning home from Europe last week. The "Catch" singer is quarantined on his tour bus currently until he can be sure he isn't infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Speaking to nationally syndicated radio show Big D & Bubba, Young says he didn't touch or kiss his wife or his nearly 5-month-old baby girl after getting off the plane.

"My luggage is still sitting unpacked in our garage," he shares. The full interview will be available on the morning radio show's podcast when it airs on Thursday.

"I might be on the overcautious side of things," he admits. "Me and the pup are hiding out."

The plan was to spend five days away from the family, but new data showed that it may take up to two weeks for someone who could have been exposed to the coronavirus to know they're safe. So he'll spend two weeks on his bus in the family driveway.

"Until I can get my hands on a test to make sure I'm good I'm gonna give it two weeks," Young says. "The last thing I want to do is give our little 4-month-old something."

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Young had played several dates in Europe prior to the coronavirus being declared a pandemic and travel to and from the United States becoming heavily restricted. He was set to resume the Chapters Tour later this month, but like every artist, he's postponing shows until further notice. When asked for some inside perspective about when things might get back to normal, the 38-year-old admitted nobody really has any idea.

Originally, the headlining tour included dates through May.

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