Brantley Gilbert and his wife Amber are expanding their family! The couple is expecting their second child, a baby girl.

Gilbert and his wife shared their big news with People, revealing that Amber is pregnant and that it's a girl on Tuesday (March 26). The couple recently hosted a gender reveal party, during which they pulled open a large box filled with pink balloons and confetti. The moment, Amber says, hit her country star husband hard.

“My mom was crying, and I had tears in my eyes. But Brantley? He was just crying,” she shares. Adds Gilbert, "I was so sure it was a boy. I wasn’t ready for it to be a little girl — and man, when it was! I just wanted a healthy, happy baby, but a little girl means a whole other deal.”

Brantley Gilbert Once Said Having a Baby Girl Terrified Him

Gilbert and Amber welcomed their first child, a son named Barrett, in 2017, after struggling to conceive for a couple of years. Both admit that they were fully convinced their second child would also be a boy.

“Even though at one point I’d thought it might be a girl, I’d really come around to the idea that it would be a son, and they’d be best friends," Gilbert shares. Says Amber, "I figured they’d be so close in age, they’d be best friends. Just inseparable. Though with Brantley, a little boy and a male dog, I was feeling pretty outnumbered. I had three brothers, and I never got to do anything."

Despite his tough-looking exterior, Gilbert says that he's "just mush" when it comes to his son. He knows he's got a lot to learn still, especially about parenting a daughter -- but he's looking forward to it.

"I already know she’s gonna own me, and that’s okay," Gilbert says. "There is nothing like [fatherhood]. And as great as you think it’s going to be, it doesn’t come close to how it really is. To think it’s happening again is wild.”

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