Brett Holbook is on a mission to visit police in every state and can now check New York off his list.

Holbrook who suffers from a speech disorder called apraxia, set a goal in 2017, to visit every state patrol in Ohio after his father was pulled over by a trooper. "He was so impressed by the troopers professionalism and their uniform. His mother made him his own uniform," explained the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

In April 2017, Holbrook was made an Honorary Ohio Trooper and spent his Summer travelling nearly 3000 miles to police departments across the state.

Holbrook's mission has now expanded to visit every state police department in the country. Saturday, June 22nd he checked New York off his list, meeting with First Sgt Joseph Wilkinson for his 18th visit.

When Holbrook isn't visiting police, he's passing out tickets to his family and neighbors in Michigan in his modified cruiser featuring a #677 license plate.

Photo Credit - Ohio State Highway Patrol

He even has a patrol office set up in his bedroom.

Photo Credit - Ohio State Highway Patrol

Holbrook left New York, headed to Vermont, Maine and New England. Enjoy your travels Brett!