10 year-old Mark Radel has gone from New Hartford to Hollywood. The boy with down syndrome is starring in not one, but two movies.

Mark appears in Demolition, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a background actor. He can be seen near the end of the movie playing on a carousel. Mark's mom Mary Radel says her son had a blast and Gyllenhall was really great with all the kids. "They were joking around and they had a good time."

Mary and Pat were on the set with Mark and say it was exciting just to see how they film a movie. "It took hours and hours just to get this one scene. To see how much work goes into it, it really gives you a new appreciation for the full movie when it's released."

Mark will also be in 'Manhattan Nights' starring Adrien Brody that comes out May 20th. He plays a child in a doctors office.

Mark has been working with a talent agency and hopes to continue working in movies. His two brothers hope so too. "They are the most excited about his new found fame. They're without a doubt his biggest fans," says Pat.

Mary Radel
Mary Radel


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