What the heck are those mysterious white boxes that are showing up on utility poles around Central New York?

It's a question circulating on social media after several have started appearing around the area. A question that has not one, but two answers.


The box could be a WiFi access point or relay device that is used to relay data from smart meters. It's made by a company called iTron and is like a mini cell tower to help with cell coverage in specific locations.

That would come in handy in places around Central and Upstate New York, where there are several 'dead zones.' Cell service is non-existent in certain places, especially the Adirondacks.

Credit - Kari J Manning/Facebook
Credit - Kari J Manning/Facebook

Gas Meter Reader

The strange-looking boxes could also be advanced metering technology. The devices read your gas meter remotely so the gas company doesn’t need to send people out to the home. It collects the data from the area right on the pole.

Installation of white "access points" on street poles has been appearing in neighborhoods around the country.

The devices in Louisiana have two small boxes and an antenna that allows the energy company to remotely monitor a customer's gas or electric meter without having to send out a physical "meter reader."

Which Box is It

One answer to the question of what are those boxes on area power poles is replacing jobs with technology. The other is using technology to help connect more people. I think I'd rather go with door number two.

If you know what those mysterious boxes are, let us know inside the station app.

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