The old saying goes "it's better to give than receive," but most don't realize it until they're older. Gary Reese knows it at an early age. Instead of presents this year, the Booneville boy wanted to give back for this 5th birthday. So Reese asked his friend to bring gifts for the animals at Fort Rickey.

Dad, Gary Sr. says "he wanted to help the animals to keep them happy and healthy because that's the way he likes to see them when he goes there."

Dad doesn't take any credit for the idea either. He says "he came up with the idea when we told him he already had a bunch of toys and what else would he like to do."

Reese started his big day with a party at the Floyd town park to "have fun with his friends and eat pizza." Grandma even offered to pay for a Chucky Cheese party, but Reese was having none of it. He raised 7 bags of food/treats and $45 in tractor supply gift cards to presented to Len Cross at Fort Rickey.

Cross was so moved by the gesture he gave the kids some wolf fur as a gift, something he doesn't do for everyone.

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