The battle rounds continued on NBC's 'The Voice.'  Lex Land and Charlotte Sometimes sang for a spot on Blake Shelton's team in the battle rounds.  Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson were both back to give each contestant advice on their performance of 'Pumped up Kicks' by Foster the People.  See what they had to say.

Miranda & Kelly Advise

Charlotte Sometimes vs Lex Land 'Pumped up Kicks'

Charlotte Sometimes joins Jordis Unga and RaeLynn on Blake's team. They'll move on to the live rounds, where America votes.

Christina Aguilera has 2 battles to consider. First up was Geoff McBride against Sera Hill, singing Aretha Franklin's 'Chain of Fools.' Great song, great match up, a tough choice between the two, but Christina went with Sera. Watch their performance and see if you agree.

Geoff McBride vs Sera Hill 'Chain of Fools'

Lee Koch and Lindsey Pavao were teamed up to sing Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box.' Interesting choice. Blake may have been the only judge who didn't recognize the song, but I was right there with him. It was all a little strange but an easy choice for Christina who went with Lindsey.

Lee Koch vs Lindsey Pavao 'Heart Shaped Box'

Cee Lo also had two battles, with the first between Sarah Golden and Juliet Simms. They took on 'Stay With Me' and to me, it seemed like a slaughter. Juliet killed in the battle round, leaving Cee Lo no choice but to keep her on his team.

Sarah Golden vs Juliet Simms 'Stay With Me'

Speaking of a slaugter, Jamar Rogers and Jamie Lono were matched up for Foreigner's 'I Want to Know What Love is.' Jamie tried to hold his owm, but Jamar was the clear cut winner. Judge for yourself.

Jamie Lono vs Jamar Rogers 'I Want to Know What Love Is'

Adam joins Blake with only one battle round. He teamed up Whitney Myer with powerhouse Kim Yarbrough to sing Mary J. Blige's 'No More Drama.' Although Whitney brought her A game to the battle round, Kim's big voice blew her away. Keep an eye on Kim. She may be around for awhile.

Whitney Myer vs Kim Yarbrough 'No More Drama'

Tune in next Monday at 8 on NBC as the battle rounds continue.