It is always enjoyable to see a deer, rabbit or other small mammals when you walk out of your home in the early morning hours, but one Deerfield resident wasn't so lucky.

Teri Zuchowksi was leaving her home on her way to work early Thursday morning and spotted a large black figure moseying down Roberts Road. The black bear was spotted just about a mile north of Route 8. Teri says, "Typically I’m keeping my eyes out for a deer in the middle of the road at 5:30 am not a bear! First time in 15 years I’ve seen a black bear up our way."

This is not the first time a massive bear has been spotted on a neighborhood street. Thought the occurrence is rare, it does happen and experts continue to warn against taking the action of "getting a closer look." It's no secret if you visit or live in the north country, than you should never feed wild animals and keep your garbage locked up, but the DEC is offering additional tips on how to avoid an unBEARable situation.

In an article on the DEC website titled, "Reducing Human-Bear Conflcits," the DEC points out the simple answer as to what attracts bears is food. The article states,

In New York State, people and black bears often find themselves living nearby one another. Bears can obtain all of the nourishment they need from the forest, but they are intelligent and opportunistic animals. They will find and consume the easiest food they can access.

The article also provides reasons as to why the sighting of a bear in suburban neighborhoods actually makes sense. It states, "Bears must often cross roads and pass through developed areas to find the varied habitat types that produce their seasonal food sources. They often find human foods readily accessible along the way if homeowners do not take necessary precautions. Not every bear that passes through a developed area is a 'problem bear'. However, available human food sources can quickly turn them into one."

The DEC says even unintentional actions could attract a bear to your property including feeding birds, improperly storing garbage, leaving pet food outside or even leaving your grills messy. Taking east precautions is a simple way to reduce the risk of a human-bear conflict and lucky for Teri, the bear was already moving along down the road!

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