Josh Allen and Cole Beasley are the stars of the show when it comes to Christmas at one house in Western New York.

Brent Bliss just set up this year's Christmas decor in his front yard, and his unique display is already getting a lot of love from Bills fans across the region.

Right in front of his home on Morris Crescent in West Seneca, Bliss set up a red, white and blue sleigh, and holding the reigns is none other than the Bills' beloved quarterback, Josh Allen. Wide receiver Cole Beasley rides behind him, his luscious blonde locks blowing in the wind. To complete the Bills-themed display that is just so Western New York, Bliss even has a Buffalo pulling the sleigh.

Courtesy of Brent Bliss

"I am a hobby woodworker, [so] I enjoy making all kinds of little projects in my spare time. The pandemic has given me plenty of that!" Bliss said. "I'm also a diehard Bills fan and season ticket holder (shout out to section 314), so more often than not, my projects always end up with a Buffalo Bills twist."

Bliss said from start to finish, between designing, sketching, cutting, and painting, his Bills Christmas decor took just a couple days to complete.

He shared photos of his creation on Twitter, writing that "for Christmas [he] would like hair like [Cole Beasley]." Wouldn't we all?!

Courtesy of Brent Bliss

If you're hoping to snag a similar setup for your yard this holiday season, you're all out of luck. Bliss actually made the whole thing by hand, so his lawn display is truly as unique as it gets. But, he said he's entertaining the idea to make and sell his Bills-themed sleighs in the years to come, so don't give up hope quite yet!

"Every member of the Mafia deserves to spend the holiday with Josh and Cole," Bliss said. "I'd really appreciate it if Beasley would just come stand by it in person so I can make sure I got the hair right."

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