Seth MacFarlane's first live action movie "Ted" was such a success that he is planning on releasing "Ted 2" some time in 2015. Of course, why wouldn't you? There is going to be one major casting change that may upset people, I know I am! Mila Kunis is the actress that played Mark Wahlberg's character's love interest, Lori Collins. There are reports that indicate that Mila Kunis will have a limited role in the next film and may not be in it at all.

According to an article on The Time Magazine website, MacFarlane has decided to replace Kunis with quickly rising star Amanada Seyfried. Amanda Seyfried will also be starring in MacFarlane's film that will be released this year called "A Million Ways To Die In The West." In the article it states,

Deadline reports that Seyfried will be taking over for Mila Kunis, who played the female lead as Mark Wahlberg’s love interest in the original film. Kunis will reportedly only have a small role in the sequel, if she appears at all.

It is reported that the "Family Guy" creator will be returning to write, direct, and voice the character of Ted. It is also reported that Kunis is not being replaced due to a falling out, it was simply "a creative decision that MacFarlane decided to take with the plotting of the sequel." As you may or may not know, Kunis is the voice of "Meg" in "Family Guy." I do love Mila Kunis. She is no doubt my celebrity crush and if she asked me to marry her tomorrow I would. Having said that it will be hard to watch "Ted 2" I feel as if I am cheating, however I think I will see it because Seth MacFarlane in my humble opinion is a genius.

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