Have you been to BG Cowboys Saloon in Destiny USA lately? The restaurant is far behind in rent payments according to multiple news reports.

According to Syracuse.com, BG Cowboys Saloon, which took the spot of Toby Keith's at Destiny USA, was behind five months in rent after seven months in business. Destiny has filed a lawsuit.

The new, 13,872-square-foot establishment owed $175,595.15 in back rent by June 30 of this year, the lawsuit states. It appears parts of February and April were paid, but March, May and June were not at all, according to the mall's accounting.Unpaid rent for March, May and June averaged $45,000 a month, the lawsuit stated. Default notices were sent to the owner in May and June, according to court filings."

The mall did warn that the saloon's lease could be terminated if it didn't pay up. We will keep you updated as we learn more.


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