Have you seen a woman around Rome, posing as a travelling nurse who needs money? Rome Police say her story isn't real and she's scamming residents out of money.

"We have received several reports of a a black female who gives a story that she is a traveling nurse that came to Rome to take care of a patient that has been admitted to the hospital and therefore she is out of work," says police.

The female asks for a ride and/or money to pay for a hotel room. "It is a scam and not a legitimate story," warn police.

The woman is between 35-40 years of age and is often dressed in nurses scrubs but has also been seen wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

The woman has been seen at several locations throughout the area and while most people aren't buying her story, a few has helped out.

Sarah Disch Bly: This woman approached me a couple months ago at Aldi parking lot with the same story.

Nicole Hillage Genther: This woman came into Dollar General in Rome & claimed she needed money or baby formula then stood outside in the parking lot with no baby in sight.

Debbie Kryczkowski: I came across her as I walked out of Walgreens a few weeks ago. She asked me for money also she was headed down South James

Barbara Gold: She approached me in the Tops parking lot in January with her sad story . Said she was a home nurses aide and her patient had been admitted to the hospital. Her ride from Syracuse couln't pick her up until the next morning and she was stranded . Yeah I helped her out , I feel foolish but my heart was in the right place. Next time I will be wiser.

If this woman approaches you please contact the Rome Police Department at 315-339-7780.


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