Bears have become overly aggressive this year, approaching campers and hikers in the Adirondacks. Tim Scee of Sackets Harbor came so close to one bear, you won't believe it until you see it.

"Some friends and I camped at Limekiln State Park Campground the weekend after July 4 and as we were eating dinner, a black bear walked up to our picnic table and started eating our food," says Scee. "Despite our attempts to scream and make loud noises, the bear wouldn't go away until he had his fill."

The bear must have enjoyed his meal because Scee says he came back the next night. "The DEC warded it off with a rubber bullet."

Campers and hikers are encouraged to keep all food, toiletries, and garbage in a bear resistant canister to avoid attracting black bears. Avoid cooking and eating after dark and prepare and eat food away from the tent site.

Hikers and campers may also want to consider carrying bear spray as a precautionary measure for close encounters.

If approached by a bear, do not give it food. Make noise and try to scare it away. Call the DEC Regional Wildlife Office at 518-897-1291 to report any bear encounters.


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