Tis the season for camping in New York. It's also the season for bears. Watch one breaks into a camp, helping itself to food left on the porch.

Home security camera footage from a camp in the Catskills shows a young bear climbing through a window to get at garbage left out. "Bears are opportunistic feeders and have an excellent sense of smell," warns the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

The DEC is using the video to remind people to put garbage out only on collection day and to keep garbage in sealed containers in garages or sheds where bears can’t gain access.

Locals know bears are common in the Adirondacks and Catskill Mountains. In addition to keeping food sealed, it's not a good idea to cook or eat after dark either. Just ask these campers who had a bear join their picnic.

DO NOT leave food in your car unless it's in the trunk. Even if the doors are locked, bears can and will find a way in. Just look at one did to this car.

Remember, you're in their habitat, not the other way around. If there's no food to be found, bears will usually move on. "Bears are opportunistic feeders and will remember where they find easy food, and return to that location frequently," says the DEC.

Bears often cross streets, passing through developed areas, looking for food, like the one seen on Main Street in Old Forge. "Not every bear that passes by is a problem bear. However, available human food sources can quickly turn them into one," warns the DEC.

Bears are resourceful. Watch one open doors of a van in Old Forge, looking for food for her babies.

Get more tips on how to reduce human-bear conflicts at DEC.NY.Gov.

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