The good weather is here in the Western New York area and if you have been spending time on your land, you may have thought about creating a better forest? The New York State Department of Conservation has a program that would help to restore the forest on your land and improve the quality of the vegetation and wildlife habitat.

The Regenerate New York Forestry Cost Share Grant Program is for those who own 10-1000 acres!


According to the article from the NYSDEC website,

The purpose of this grant program is to support the regeneration of forests so they may continue to deliver vital services such as mitigating climate change, protecting air and water quality, and supporting the economy.

This is a cost share program which means you will eventually be reimbursed for any costs that you may have to cover. There is more information on the website or, if you are available, there is a webinar that will take place this week and many questions will be answered and information for those who want to apply will be available.

Those interested in participating in Regenerate NY are invited to attend a webinar about the application process on Friday, May 21, from 10AM until 12PM.

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