Cornell University's Food Safety program thinks many people are wasting milk by throwing it out too soon. At the root of the issue is the date printed on cartons, is it an expiration date or "best by" date? Soon there may be an app that helps clear up the confusion.

Usually, the date means the milk is at peak flavor, but many think it's an expiration date and throw it out. If stored properly, (39 degrees) milk is usually good for about 3 weeks, most dates on the carton are set at 2 weeks after pasteurization.

Cornell is developing a QR code to be placed on milk cartons. Grocery stores and consumers would be able to scan the code and immediately know the farm it came from, the processing plant, and products used in making the milk. It would also indicate the carton's temperatures and times.

While the goal is to reduce food waste and create a more specific shelf life, the code could also mean savings for consumers. Grocery stores would most likely reduce prices on milk the longer it sits on the shelf.

Read more on the story at The Cornell Chronicle website.

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