Apparently, Noah Ritter is stealing the hearts of America after stealing the show during his adorable interview at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania. The 5-year-old celebrity appeared on morning talk shows to keep the laughs rolling.

Noah told 'Good Morning America' how it feels to be so popular. 'It is so great because I've never really had any people like me.' Millions love Noah now. Over 7.7 million have seen his 'Apparently' interview.

Steelers Fan

Noah drew more laughs when he told Michael Strahan he knew he was a former New York Giant but admitted to cheering for someone else. 'I use to like the Giants but my grandfather brainwashed me into liking the Steelers.'

Noah even appeared on On ABC World News, and wanted to know,'Did the people in Africa see me? If they saw me, I want to give them a fish. I'll give them a ginormous salmon.'

Not only is Noah funny, he's smart to 'I went to school and I have a large brain,' he says.

Although Noah could have a career in television, he apparently plans on being a paleontologist, but he did offer to report the weather if he could get 'a refreshing drink' first.

ABC World News

Apparently Kid Fair Interview