Apparently there is a day for every occasion, and today it's "Ancestor Appreciation Day". I'm sure we all know a bit of our family history back a generation or two, but beyond that you really have to dig. My paternal grandmother was born in County Cork, Ireland and emigrated to the U.S.A., but further back than that, I haven't got a clue.

Suzanne Plunkett - WPA Pool / Getty Images

I know several people who are big on genealogy and have researched their family heritage. Often, your local public library is a good place to start if you're trying to trace back your family tree. Another great source is your local county property records, where you can look back at who bought the family home and when.

Native Americans put a great value on their ancestors, and they know that our elders and previous generations are a great source of wisdom.

And there are a number of great websites that can assist you in your search. Who knows, maybe we're related?