Is it shocking to hear New York and safe driving in the same sentence? It is actually true, but there is no way one of our neighbors ranks higher.

When asking a good handful of people their opinion, the consensus is that New York isn't exactly unsafe to drive in, but calling it safe might be a stretch. That at least is how some people feel. It is hard to disagree with the fact when you hear and see the statistics that back it up. Plus, logically New York City probably plays a big role in why New York ranks high.

New York according to Safewise pulls in at number three on the list among the safest states to be driving in. Can we can all agree Massachusetts really doesn't seem like a state that should be high on the list? They are the number one most safe state to drive in the country. Number two is Rhode Island, with how tiny they are, it kind of makes sense.

Why do New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts rank so high? Low state speed limit. Low death by vehicle or car accident statistics and very strict DUI laws seem to play another huge factor in the Northeastern United States coming in high on the list. In fact, other than Maine, the other New England states are all among the top 10.

So think about it, how does New York City affect this? Not as many residents of the largest city in the US have cars, or even drive at all. If they do, the rate of speed being driven in NYC is super low anyway. Also with the lack of cars factor, DUI's are way less prominent in New York City. With the cities population making up nearly half of the entire state, it certainly can be a big reason New York comes in at number 3.

Want to avoid the worst state? That would be Wyoming which also has a speed limit of 80 mph on interstate highways. For the full list and map showing the rank of every state, check out Safewise.

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