Restaurant owners in central New York are disturbed by a dine and dash incident and you should be too.

Kratzy's Bar & Grill in Alder Creek called out out 3 ladies the owners says "decided to dine and dash" after a meal with their children. The women were given "til the end of the day to return and pay." If they didn't their "pretty little faces" and a picture of their car would be posted on Facebook.

Photo provided by Kratzys
Photo provided by Kratzys

The end of the day came and no one showed to pay the bill. As promised, pictures of the women were posted on Facebook. "Unfortunately there are people who just take advantage of you. We've cropped the children out. You should be ashamed."

The women STILL didn't return to make things right. "We run our family establishment with pride and honesty and expect the same from others."

The posts of the women have since been taken down. "It was never about the money but rather a basic principle of never to lie, cheat or steal," says Kratzy's owners. "Karma can take over now."

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