Although common in New York City, the idea of drinking alcohol while watching the big screen is foreign to most of us. But if you'd like to see your favorite local theater sell booze during your flick, Governor Cuomo is looking to pave the way for it.

His motivations are to give craft breweries and distilleries more venue possiblities and to give movie theaters more revenue options besides their overpriced tickets and concessions. Seems to me that geting a beer in this vein would be akin price-wise to grabbing one at a major league ballpark and the wait in line would be similar also.

While beer and popcorn do go great together at the bar, one has to wonder if the family atmosphere of most movie theaters could suffer. But then again, given the typical runtime of most movies, it's hard to imagine getting hammered enough during that timeframe to be of much trouble to anyone. Additionally, if you're thinking of grabbing a drink while taking the kids to see Frozen 2, this would only be available to adults going to see PG-13 movies or higher.

What do you think? Does it bother you that once again advancement is inspired by making money only or should this have happened a long time ago anyway? Read more at

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