Perhaps the male and female Osprey mates in Rome need a subscription to, it appears there must be some Love Bird in their DNA. Two weeks after their mating ritual was first captured in photos, their steamy sessions continue.

You may recall our Wildlife Photographer, William Straite captured the Osprey husband and wife as they were first building their nest about two weeks ago. Over the course of the photo session he shared with us, the two built their nest and fertilized the eggs.

On William's return visit some 12 days later, the two continued their mating ritual and construction on the nest is still ongoing too. The only thing missing from the usual ritual was the act of fertilizing the eggs. So, what gives? That's the perplexing question William has been unable to unravel, even after talking with other wildlife experts.

The usual ritual lasts for about three weeks when the birds first reunite in spring. The male brings food to the female, while they share duties building the nest. Which means this guy has been a busy boy for the past five weeks. Maybe instead of subscription, he needs a prescription.

Check out William's latest stunning photos of the Osprey couple captured on one of Central New York's rare sunny mornings below.

Osprey Pair in Rome Continue Their Mating Ritual for Two More Weeks

Pair of Osprey mates in Rome continue their mating ritual two weeks after they first started.

Here are William's photos of the original mating ritual of the same Osprey pair about two weeks ago. Oddly enough, he captured them during another beautiful sunrise in Rome.

Osprey in Rome Preparing Nest For Babies

Pair of Osprey mates in Rome nesting, courting, and preparing for babies.

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