Seniors are missing out on so much amidst the coronavirus pandemic - Proms, class trips, graduation. A new Adopt a Senior Facebook group has been started to remind seniors, they aren't forgotten.

Here's how it works.

Parents are encouraged to post about their senior. Include a picture or two and what they like, their interests or hobbies. Include NOT ADOPTED at the beginning of the post. One the senior is adopted, edit to reflect ADOPTED BY and tag the person who adopted the senior.

If anyone wants to adopt a senior, message the parent that posted their child.

The group has almost 4 thousand members since it started May 1st and hundreds of seniors have already been adopted. If you want to join to adopt a senior or add yours to get adopted, got to Adopt at Senior Oneida County on Facebook.

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Theresa Luczynski and her daughter Kiessa, are the brains behind this brilliant idea for CNY seniors. Both are Rome natives who now live in North Carolina, where Adopt a Senior is also taking place. "They thought it would be wonderful to support seniors in their home town and started the group for Oneida County," said Georgine Luczynski, Theresa's mother in law.

Adopt a Senior

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