In Rome New York, you'll find an entire neighborhood of abandoned homes. These homes have been closed off to the public since 1999. Check out the photos of Woodhaven Park.

Originally, these homes were beautiful and full of families. Woodhaven Park was the home of many workers stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base. Once the base closed in 1995, the need for base housing ended. Families moved on to other assignments, and the houses lay abandoned.

According to our historian Peter Leonard, the homes started to breathe some life into them as temporary housing for Woodstock '99 workers from out of town. After that, the homes remained vacant for many years. Until recently, some of the homes on Gansevoort Avenue were renovated and rented out under the company Park Drive LLC. Currently there are still some homes available.

As for the rest, they are closed off to the public. Some 300 homes, haven't seen the public until now. With special permission from Mayor Jacqueline Izzo, we were allowed to take our cameras back into the park. We did not enter any of the homes, per her orders. The homes aren't even safe to be near. We did however walk up driveways, and hold our cameras into some windows. This is what we documented.

Once again, DO NOT ENTER Woodhaven Park. There is a strict no trespassing law enforced, and you will deal with the police if you enter the park. Do Not Go In.

PW Creighton/TSM
PW Creighton/TSM


Explore The Former Abandoned Woodhaven Park In Rome


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