If you didn't know, today is the "Day Without A Woman" or "A Day Without Women" protests. These protests are being held all over America. What exactly does it mean?

According to the New York Times, nationwide demonstrations are taking place for the "A Day Without a Woman" protests. These are very similar to the Women’s March that took place earlier this year.

The goal of this demonstration is to show that woman’s presence should not be taken for granted, and to highlight disparities in rights and pay."

What does that mean for men in Central New York? We decided to poke some fun, while showing support, in the video above.

In honor of #ADayWithoutAWoman, I'd like to say thank you to all the amazing strong women in my life. First off, my wonderful wife Sarah Wheeler. Each and every day she is working hard to take care of our family and our daughter. She is my rock, and truly an amazing part of my life. Without her, I'd be a lost puppy out there. She holds down the fort so well, she deserves the world. Second, to both my sisters Heather Sadlemire and Sara Wheeler. Both have worked their butts off to get to where they are, and continue to work hard each and every day. Heather is teaching Amelia great values, and Sara is very career focused. Third, to my mother Lucy Barretta-Wheeler, who taught me to be a gentleman, and to treat women with respect.

Fourth, I'd like to include Polly and Naomi Lynn. Both women work their butts off and produce amazing content and amazing radio each and every day. Both are tremendous help to me each and every workday. 5th, the amazing team of Karen Carey, Paige Lauback Cummings and Tracy Picente. These women prove women can kick butt and take names in very high positions of power. To the rest of the women in my life, thank you for every single thing you've done for me, and keep fighting the good fight.

I should have added her originally but my mother in law Lynn Brooks. Without her help I'd be just as lost without my wife. Lynn helps us each and every day with everything imaginable.

Honestly, let's all do our best to honor women every day of the year. Keep fighting the good fight, and thank you for everything.



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